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Kwong, A. 2014. TIM Lecture Series – Web Infections and Protections: Theory and Practice. Technology Innovation Management Review, 4(3): 35-. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/774
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Kurikko, H., & Tuominen, P. 2012. Collective Value Creation and Empowerment in an Online Brand Community: A Netnographic Study on LEGO Builders. Technology Innovation Management Review, 2(6): 12-17. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/563
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Kunttu, L., Huttu, E., & Neuvo, Y. 2018. How Doctoral Students and Graduates Can Facilitate Boundary Spanning between Academia and Industry. Technology Innovation Management Review, 8(6): 48-54. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1164
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Kunttu, L., & Neuvo, Y. 2020. The Role of Academics, Users, and Customers in Industrial Product Development. Technology Innovation Management Review, 10(3): 60-69. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1337
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Kunttu, I. 2017. A Managerial Decision Tool for R&D Outsourcing and Partner Selection in High-Technology Industries. Technology Innovation Management Review, 7(3): 25-32. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1062
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Kunttu, I., Camarda, C., & Perttula, A. 2020. Editorial: Rapid Product Development and R&D (March 2020). Technology Innovation Management Review, 10(3): 3-4. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1331
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Kunttu, L. 2017. Educational Involvement in Innovative University–Industry Collaboration. Technology Innovation Management Review, 7(12): 14-22. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1124
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Kunttu, I. 2019. Editorial: Smart Cities (September 2019). Technology Innovation Management Review, 9(9): 3-4. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1263
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Kuivalainen, J., Kunttu, I., & Kohtamäki, M. 2020. Agile Product Development Practices for Coping with Learning Paradox in R&D Offshore Units. Technology Innovation Management Review, 10(3): 70-78. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1338
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Kriz, A., Molloy, C., Kriz, A., & Sonntag, S. 2016. All Australian Regions Are Not Born Equal: Understanding the Regional Innovation Management Sandpit. Technology Innovation Management Review, 6(6): 11-23. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/993
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Koussa, S. 2013. Q&A. Should Startups Care about Application Security?. Technology Innovation Management Review, 3(7): 50-52. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/706
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Koskinen, J. 2018. How to Build Competencies for a Data-Driven Business: Keys for Success and Seeds for Failure. Technology Innovation Management Review, 8(10): 18-28. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1190
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Korhonen, H. M. E. 2014. Widening the Perspective on Industrial Innovation: A Service-Dominant-Logic Approach. Technology Innovation Management Review, 4(5): 31-39. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/791
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Korhonen, H. M. E., Still, K., Seppänen, M., Kumpulainen, M., Suominen, A., & Valkokari, K. 2017. The Core Interaction of Platforms: How Startups Connect Users and Producers. Technology Innovation Management Review, 7(9): 17-29. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1103
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Koplyay, T., Chillingworth, L., & Mitchell, B. 2013. Corporate Lifecycles: Modelling the Dynamics of Innovation and Its Support Infrastructure. Technology Innovation Management Review, 3(10): 22-29. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/733
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Ko, N. 2007. Open Source as Community. Open Source Business Resource, (September 2007). http://timreview.ca/article/78