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Søndergaard, H. Alsted, Knudsen, M. P., & Laugesen, N. Søndergaa. 2021. The Catch-22 in Strategizing for Radical Innovation. Technology Innovation Management Review, 11(3): 4-16. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1425
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Swan, M. 2017. Anticipating the Economic Benefits of Blockchain. Technology Innovation Management Review, 7(10): 6-13. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1109
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Svensson, C., Udesen, J., & Webb, J. 2019. Alliances in Financial Ecosystems: A Source of Organizational Legitimacy for Fintech Startups and Incumbents. Technology Innovation Management Review, 9(1): 20-32. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1209
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Suominen, A. Helena, Halvari, S., & Jussila, J. 2019. World Heritage meets Smart City in an Urban-Educational Hackathon in Rauma. Technology Innovation Management Review, 9(9): 45-54. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1268
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Suomala, J., Palokangas, L., Leminen, S., Westerlund, M., Heinonen, J., & Numminen, J. 2012. Neuromarketing: Understanding Customers' Subconscious Responses to Marketing. Technology Innovation Management Review, 2(12): 12-21. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/634
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Suehle, R. 2012. Q&A. What Is the Secret of Red Hat's Success?. Technology Innovation Management Review, 2(1): 25-28. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/513
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Subrahmanya, M. H. Bala. 2017. Comparing the Entrepreneurial Ecosystems for Technology Startups in Bangalore and Hyderabad, India. Technology Innovation Management Review, 7(7): 47-62. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1090
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Ström, P., & Ernkvist, M. 2014. Product and Service Interaction in the Chinese Online Game Industry. Technology Innovation Management Review, 4(5): 6-17. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/789
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Still, K. 2017. Accelerating Research Innovation by Adopting the Lean Startup Paradigm. Technology Innovation Management Review, 7(5): 32-43. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1075
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Stewart, W. 2010. An Open Source Solution for Startups. Open Source Business Resource, (February 2010). http://timreview.ca/article/326
Steur, A. J. 2018. When a New Platform Enters a Market, What Is the Impact on Incumbents?. Technology Innovation Management Review, 8(10): 44-53. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1192
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Stephens, D. 2008. Open Source e-Procurement Software. Open Source Business Resource, (March 2008). http://timreview.ca/article/129
Steen, K., & van Bueren, E. 2017. The Defining Characteristics of Urban Living Labs. Technology Innovation Management Review, 7(7): 21-33. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1088
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Stanley, T., Matthews, J., & Davidson, P. 2016. Insights from Stimulating Creative Behaviours in a Project-Based Organization Team. Technology Innovation Management Review, 6(4): 26-33. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/979
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Ståhlbröst, A., & Lassinantti, J. 2015. Leveraging Living Lab Innovation Processes through Crowdsourcing. Technology Innovation Management Review, 5(12): 28-36. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/950
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Ståhlbröst, A., & Holst, M. 2017. Reflecting on Actions in Living Lab Research. Technology Innovation Management Review, 7(2): 27-34. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1055
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Ståhlbröst, A. 2013. A Living Lab as a Service: Creating Value for Micro-enterprises through Collaboration and Innovation. Technology Innovation Management Review, 3(11): 37-42. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/744
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Soutter, L., Ferguson, K., & Neubert, M. 2019. Digital Payments: Impact Factors and Mass Adoption in Sub-Saharan Africa. Technology Innovation Management Review, 9(7): 41-55. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/1254
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Solesvik, M. Z., & Gulbrandsen, M. 2013. Partner Selection for Open Innovation. Technology Innovation Management Review, 3(4): 11-16. http://doi.org/10.22215/timreview/674
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