In this article, we revisit theories of entrepreneurship to explore some of the unique features of technology entrepreneurship and how they may interact with the distinctive features of emerging markets. With the help of inputs from practicing business models and 20 personal interviews with technology entrepreneurs, we propose a framework that describes how the various technology entrepreneurship models in emerging countries are derived.  

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Keywords: emerging markets, entrepreneurship, India, innovation, rural, startups

Welcome to the January issue of the Technology Innovation Management Review. We welcome your comments on the articles in this issue as well as suggestions for future article topics and issue themes.

Welcome to the December 2017 issue of the Technology Innovation Management Review. This month’s editorial theme is Collaboration, and the authors provide insights on the benefits of diverse entrepreneurial teams, the importance of educational collaboration in university–industry relationships, how startups and SMEs can collaborate through open innovation, and how coworking spaces can promote collaborative capability.