Inclusive Innovation in Developed Countries

Sandra Schillo, Guest Editor
Assistant Professor, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa, Canada
Louise Earl, Guest Editor
Section Chief, Investment, Science and Technology Division, Statistics Canada
Jeff Kinder, Guest Editor
Director, Innovation Lab, Institute on Governance

Frugal Innovation

Deepak S. Gupta, Guest Editor
Executive Director, Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Services (ARIES), Centennial College, Toronto, Canada
Mokter Hossain, Associate Guest Editor
Assistant Professor, Center for Industrial Production, Aalborg University, Denmark

Transdisciplinary Innovation
Scheduled for publication in August 2018: Call for Papers

Martin Bliemel, Guest Editor
Director, Diploma in Innovation, Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer, Guest Editor
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation and Core Member of the Design Innovation Research Centre, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

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